Connecting with a Child, Making a Difference

AFFEC-OregDig2015-webIn December, I was asked by Connections Publications to contribute regular articles for a new publication they were working on — the Eugene/Springfield Oregon Digest. They specifically asked me to write about outstanding volunteers in the Eugene/Springfield community.

Of course, with my background in public health and psychology, and with years behind me as associate editor of The Prevention Researcher, I saw it as a great opportunity to not only write about amazing people but also promote great local non-profit organizations and also encourage people to get involved themselves.

For my first article, I picked a topic that was dear to my heart — helping youth in foster care. Talking with Mavis and Katrina at A Family for Every Child was a treat, and I am looking forward to more articles. It is a truly enjoyable experience to talk with people about a good cause that they are passionate about.