OZ Great and Powerful

Fall term is finished, which means that I put the finishing touches on my Audio Production project. I worked on this project all term as we learned about sound, microphones, recording, and ProTools.

For this project, we were given about 30 movie clips to chose from. I chose this scene from “Oz Great and Powerful” for two reasons — first because I knew my friend Jim would do an awesome job doing the voice over for Oz, and second, because I loved all the bird noises in the background.

In all, I recorded about 85% of these sounds. My goal had been 100% but honestly, recording can take a lot of time! Hearing it come together, and especially at the end when I began to run all the sounds through the equalizers and hearing how they became richer and more engaging, was exciting. It was also a lot of fun seeing and hearing it being played on the theater on campus.


Last Stand

Last-Stand-PosterThe Digital Imaging class I am taking at LCC this summer is keeping me busy. Primarily the class is about PhotoShop, and while I’ve been using PhotoShop for years, formally learning it has revealed how much I didn’t know. It has also reveal how complex PhotoShop is. I think you could use it professionally for years and still have aspects you haven’t touched yet.

Our second project for the term was the creation of a movie poster. It had to be a fictitious movie and all of the images in the poster had to be taken specifically for this project. We also had to be the stars of our own movie.

I chose a western theme, partially so I could use some of the family heirlooms I had recently acquired, and partially because it seemed uncharacteristic for me. I like my final project, especially the printed version which seems richer than the digital version.

Morning Light

Morning Light

Morning Light

Earlier this spring I spent a beautiful morning at Hendricks Park in Eugene taking photographs of the rhododendron flowers for a class project. The morning light was beautiful, and when I noticed it shining through the new leaves of a tree above the path, I knew I had to take a photograph.

With encouragement from my fellow students, I submitted the photo to the spring LCC media arts student exhibition — a juried student art show held on campus in the Glass Gallery. It made it into the show! What a treat to see it on display at the gallery.