Last Stand

Last-Stand-PosterThe Digital Imaging class I am taking at LCC this summer is keeping me busy. Primarily the class is about PhotoShop, and while I’ve been using PhotoShop for years, formally learning it has revealed how much I didn’t know. It has also reveal how complex PhotoShop is. I think you could use it professionally for years and still have aspects you haven’t touched yet.

Our second project for the term was the creation of a movie poster. It had to be a fictitious movie and all of the images in the poster had to be taken specifically for this project. We also had to be the stars of our own movie.

I chose a western theme, partially so I could use some of the family heirlooms I had recently acquired, and partially because it seemed uncharacteristic for me. I like my final project, especially the printed version which seems richer than the digital version.


Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport


Cover of Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to be the managing editor for the just published book Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport.

The book combines the art work of young athletes (roughly ages 5 through 18) with the art work of past Olympic athletes. My role was to coordinate the selection of the youth artwork (which had already been submitted for other projects), then conceptualize and design the layout. I used InDesign to layout the interior pages and PhotoShop to design the cover.


Table of Contents


Youth art page.


Youth art page.


Olympic athlete bio and art page.