Educational Portfolio – Multimedia Design

For two and a half years, I studied multimedia design at Lane Community College in pursuit of a “1 year” certificate. Taking one or two classes a term, I dived into each area of study as much as I could. The classes covered a wide range of topics, often taking me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to learn — from drawing, to story-boarding, to learning about microphones and cameras, to video production, to 3-D animation.

Most of my classes were project focused, and some of those projects I am rather proud of.

“OZ Great and Powerful” Audio

This is the term project for my Audio Production class. The video is from the Disney movie “OZ Great and Powerful.” Our assignment was to strip the existing audio and to replace it with audio we created, including voice overs, special effects, and ambient sounds. About 85% of the sounds you hear were recorded by me specifically for this project. The music is from Everything was mixed using ProTools. (Everything sounds much better with good quality speakers or headphones 🙂 ) [You can read more about this project here.]

While in the midst of working on this project, I used many of the sounds I recorded for a podcast tribute to John Cooney, which you can hear and read about here.

Last Stand Movie Poster


This “movie” poster was created for a Photoshop class. All images were taken by me, for the sole purposes of including them in this poster. Printed size is 11×17.