About Colette

I have a passion for communicating about sound research which has direct application in people’s personal and professional lives.  This passion has been cultivated throughout my professional life.

Career Background

As a script writer and project coordinator at Northwest Media in Eugene, Oregon, I primarily work on projects related to FosterParentCollege.com. Foster Parent College is an online training resource for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents.I love this job as it not only builds on my professional passion of improving people’s lives with the use of sound research, but also continues to challenge my writing skills, and puts my education and interest in digital medias to use.

I also pursue my love of writing through occasional  freelance writing opportunities as well as my personal blog. As a writer and blogger, my ultimate goal is to encourage people to be active outdoors, ground themselves in history, explore other places and other cultures, and consume good, quality food in an effort to promote health and wellness, as well as to just have fun.

February-2013-webrescoverPrior to this, for almost 20 years I was the associate editor of The Prevention Researcher, a quarterly trade journal focused on promoting successful adolescent development. This role encompassed both managing editor and copy editor functions.

As a managing editor, I was in charge of the issues from conceptualization to print as well as regularly updating the website and maintaining its accuracy over time.

As a copy editor,  I worked with approximately 400 authors to communicate their findings in a style and tone appropriate for our readers. I enjoyed working with our graphic artist and printer to create an attractive, professional journal which stayed consistent with our brand. Additionally, I also wrote articles for print and regularly contributed to the blog.

CESEPcover-webresWhile in this position, I also had the opportunity to work on two books. The art book Creative Spirit: Expressions of Art and Sport was published in November 2013. For this book I coordinated the pre-production process, and designed and laid out the book in InDesign.

I began my professional career as a research assistant and had the pleasure of working for several research projects. I worked closely with our researchers in developing the logistics for our research activities. I also managed all collected data, coordinated the grant process, and assisted with the writing of research reports.

Educational Background

I have a life-long love and passion for learning. My formal education is below, however my “informal” education happens pretty much every day.

Masters of Public Health from Oregon State University, with a concentration in health promotion and education.

Bachelors of Science from the University of Oregon, with dual majors in Psychology and Computer and Information Science, as well as minor in Women’s Studies.

1-year Certificate in Multimedia Design from Lane Community College.