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The following online training courses were written for

Children Entering Care: Mental Health Issues (forthcoming). Robert Nickel, Lee White, and Colette Kimball.

Advanced Parenting Workshop on Problematic Sexual Behavior (forthcoming). Jane Silvosky, Lee White, and Colette Kimball.

Children Entering Care: Physical Health Issues (forthcoming). Robert Nickel, Lee White, and Colette Kimball

Advanced Parenting Workshop on Aggression (forthcoming). Lee White, Rick Delaney, and Colette Kimball.

Understanding Birth Family Relationship (2018). Lee White, Colette Kimball, Audra Langley, and Jill Waterman. (See this press release for more information.)

Supporting Normalcy (2018). Lee White and Colette Kimball. (See this press release for more information.)

Parenting A Child Who Was Substance Exposed (2018). Audra Langley, Jill Waterman, Lee White, and Colette Kimball. (See this press release for more information.)

Advanced Parenting Workshop on Self-Injury. (2017). Lee White, Rick Delaney, Steven Ibara, and Colette Kimball. (See this press release for more information.)

Trauma-Informed Parenting  (2016). Lee White, Colette Kimball, and Chris Forman. (See this press release for more information.)


General Interest Articles


Oregon Community Connection
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Whale watching spoken here, Spring 2016, p. 91.
Darlingtonia Natural Site, Spring 2016, p. 96.
Adventure awaits, Spring 2016, p. 102.
Spring fishing report, Spring 2016, p. 105.


The Register-Guard
A well-lived life spreads wide circles of ripples. Monday, June 1, 2015, p. A7.

Oregon Community Connection
Whale watching spoken here, Fall/Winter 2015/2016, p. 77.
Catch fish, crabs, and more at Charleston, Fall/Winter 2015/2016, p. 89.
Holiday lights shine at Shore Acres State Park, Fall/Winter 2015/2016, p. 96.
Remnants of the past. Winter 2015.
Expanding a Continuum of Care, Summer 2015, p. 16.
Catch Your Dinner in Charleston, Summer 2015, p. 83.
Exploring the Southern Part of the Cape Arago Highway, Summer 2015, p. 85.

NW Boomer & Senior News
Easy Rider: Three accessible trails for an active lifestyle. May 2015, p. 10, 12

Eugene/Springfield Oregon Digest
Connecting with a Child, Making a Difference. January 2015, p. 15


Oregon Community Connection
Enjoying your winter on the Oregon coast. Fall 2014, pp. 40-41.
Elkton, Oregon—Wine tastes different here. Summer 2014, p. 7.
Late summer major festivals and fairs. Summer 2014, pp. 38-40.
Flying high: Pursuing a dream. Spring 2014, p. 31.
Get out and enjoy the Oregon Dunes. Spring 2014, p. 24-25.
In with the old. Winter 2014, p. 22-23.

NW Boomer & Senior News
Flower show provides gardening inspiration. April 2014, p. 12


Oregon Community Connection
Riding the Row River Trail. Fall 2013. p. 23.

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